has been around since man’s existence and today it remains a way of life for many.  Some hunt for a living, providing for their families, while others hunt for the thrill and joy of the outdoors.  Hunting For The Cure believes the outdoors to be therapeutic and good for the soul.  Nature is God’s creation exemplifying balance, peace and joy.


Whitetail Deer Hunting

There is something really special about a cool crisp fall morning, dew on the ground, sitting in your blind waiting for a Big Buck to cross your path.  Everything is still and quiet except the pounding of your heart as you anticipate him walking onto the food plot.  The thrill and excitement at times can be overwhelming and the joy unimaginable.  There just isn’t anything like seeing the joy through the eyes of a child.

Turkey Hunting

Spring is in the air and you find yourself sitting against a tall oak tree in the pitch dark and everything is deafly silent.  As the sun slowing begins to rise across the horizon, you witness God’s canvass come to life.  Squirrels begin to roam and crows begin to call, and in the midst of the chorus you here a long beard hammer.  His gobble sends chills down your spine as you know it’s game on. 


Quail Hunting

In the South, quail hunting is sometimes referred to as a gentleman’s sport.  The experience of riding through the woods, watching the dogs roam across the field seeking their game is exciting.  As the dew wets their hair, they labor on excitedly back and forth until that very moment when they come to a halt.  They stand nose directed toward their game with their tail straight at attention.  You can see them tremble with excitement waiting for the command to flush.

Rabbit Hunting

There is a distinct sound to a beagle when it picks up the scent of cottontail rabbit and the “Chase is On!”  Some like rabbit hunting just to hear the sound of the dogs but don’t be fooled rabbits are not naive to the game.  Rabbits can run for what may seem like eternity, and the circles they create are not by mistake.   


Hog Hunting

These wild beasts are not like your farmers swine.  They roam freely about the woods, fields and swamps destroying whatever may cross their path.  As omnivores they not only destroy a farmers crop acres at a time, they will consume fawns and other small game as well.  Their tusks are meant for ripping, tearing and yes even defense.

Raccoon Hunting

Raccoon Hunting is a true old southern tradition.  As the begins to set the dogs begin to arouse ready to run.  It usually doesn’t take long before the first dog “Strikes.”  To most it’s a normal bark, but to the owner it’s the sound of his dog communicating I have one treed.


Bear Hunting

They may not be king of the jungle but they most certainly are king of the forest and although they can look fury and kind, bears should not to be taken for granted.  As omnivores they eat vegetation and with the ability to reach speeds up to 35 mph there isn’t much prey they can’t chase down.

Alligator Hunting

Definitely not the king of the juggle, but in the water he rules and with authority.  No wonder with a bite that can crush bones, no other animal in North America is will to challenge this apex predator in his world, the water other than man.  


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